Garage trusses offer several advantages over traditional roof construction.

Designed for a specific size and dimension, garage trusses can be manufactured to span longer distances than conventional roofing materials would allow, and are ideal for large garages and workshops. They can also be designed to carry a greater load-carrying capacity making them ideal for regions that experience heavy snowfall.

They also can be aesthetically pleasing, providing more design functionality that creates an overall design appeal.

Our Engineered Garage Trusses Offer: 

  • Easy installation
  • Overall reduction of construction time and cost
  • Structurally, less likely to incur sagging or warping over time
  • Can be manufactured to exact specifications
  • Can span longer distances making them ideal for large garages or workshops

Garage trusses are a reliable solution for roof construction, and can be customized for a variety of building types from residential garages and institutional projects to commercial workshops.